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Excel Conditional Formatting

I have two conditional formatting questions

1 - I have a column with percentage values, If the percent is less than 92% but greater than 85% i want the background to be yellow, and then if it is less than 85% the background would be red.

2 - I have 2 columns B & C that have time values - I want to compare C to B and if C is great than B by 5 mins then the background would be red - example Column B = 9:00:00, Column C = 9:06:52.  Column C background would be red

How can I accomplish this?
Microsoft Excel

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Rob Henson

8/22/2022 - Mon

I suggest using a formula criteria to determine which cells to format.

For the first one, let's assume that cell D2 is the first cell that needs conditional formatting. You might use formulas like:
=D2<0.85    for the red format
=AND(D2>=0.85, D2<0.92)     for the yellow format
After entering the formula, click the Format button, go to the Fill tab and choose your color. Click OK twice.

For the second one, you might use a criteria like:
=AND(COUNT(B2:C2)=2, (C2-B2)>=TIME(0,5,0))     for the red format
Dave KIlby

Thank you - what if I wanted to check column D and E which are also time values, but I want to check if column E is 5 or more mins less than column D then format red

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Rob Henson

For the percentage check you can use one of the standard conditional formatting setups and don't need to use the formula based check.

See screenshots below:
CF Rule 1CF Rule 2CF Result
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Rob Henson

Also, are you aware of the Conditional Formatting where you can add icons to the cell rather than filling the cell with a colour.
CF Icons