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IIS Returns CF file rather than handing request to CF


Am running IIS on a Windows 2016 server and ran an install of Coldfusion 2018(now on update 5).  It installed, I ran wsconfig to configure the single website on this server, but IIS doesn't appear to be handing the request off to CF.  What I'm getting instead is a question on how to handle the test.cfm file.

In the IIS UI, I have a cfmhandler mapping going to the isapimodule, and an ISAPI filter entry pointing to the correct subfolder in the CF installation (..config\wsconfig\1\isapi_redirect.dll).  

I've installed CF a number of times before including using the lockdown guide.  Haven't seen this before though.  

Any suggestions?  


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Charlie Arehart

8/22/2022 - Mon
Charlie Arehart

Ben, there are a couple of possible issues. Let's start with the most obvious: is the site in question a new one, created since you ran the wsconfig tool? If so, do you have a Jakarta virtual directory in the site, pointing to the same isapi_redirect.dll as the isapi filter?

To be clear, if you configure the connector for "all sites", that puts those things there for all the sites there at that time, and at the server level for all sites to inherit.

But if you add a new site after that, iis only propagates the isapi filter and mappings into a new site. There's no provision in iis for new sites to inherit virtual directories. You need to add them yourself. Same with the cf_scripts vd.

Such a change takes effect immediately, no restart of iis or cf needed.

If it's not that, let us know and we can dig still further.
Ben Conner

Hi Charlie!

I've run the wsconfig several times, Even included that site specifically.  And under that site I see a cf_scripts and a jakarta folder.

Charlie Arehart

Ok, so to be clear there can be so many things amiss to explain this.  (That's why often it's easier for me to solve things with folks via online consulting, looking at things together via screenshare, vs throwing things back and forth over the online wall. But I understand why folks may seek help this way first. )

And while there may be just one thing amiss, we have to list all possible explanations, when it's not obvious.

First do you have any IIS site that IS working with CF? If so, we'd want to compare what's different between them.

And note that the difference may appear in the web.config found in the root of each site, but some settings are stored instead in the central applicationhost.config file.

Did you previously run any earlier version of cf on the server in question? There may be remnants of that in either file.

Or might the web root of the site in question have been moved to this server from another, that did run on an earlier cf version? There may be remnants of cf config in the web.config for that site.

For instance, is there a mime type for the. air  (Adobe integrated runtime) extension? If so, remove that.

Among other possible things: had you manipulated the permissions of either the site or app pool, or the site's folders? People often do that as part of lockdown, but not completely, and there are problems that ensue.

Let's stop at that for now to hear what you may find.
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Ben Conner

I do have another running server I was comparing things to and saw nothing obvious. This server has a single site on it, so no other working examples on it.

This server had CF installed on it but I did not check it  prior to uninstalling it as it was an incomplete install (they hadn't even installed IIS on the server yet).  I also removed the Adobe keys in the registry.

The site has no web.config file; I created the content folder for test purposes.  The only two files in the root of this site are a test index.htm and a test.cfm file.

The .air mime was defined;  took it out and retested.  Same result,

The folder this site is pointing to has default permissions.  No permissions mods on it nor on the CF install folder.
The only thing done for this app pool was setting it to No Managed Code and disable 32 bit applications.

Ben Conner

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Charlie Arehart

Glad you  found a workaround.

Since none of the more obvious things were at issue, I will just say that if you get to wanting to resolve this matter on the server (if indeed you still have it), I'm sure we could in a remote screenshare session. As always, satisfaction guaranteed or you won't pay for time you don't value. I know you know that Ben, from prior work we've done. But saying it for the sake of others who may see this and have similar troubles and consider whether to leverage assistance or not.
Ben Conner

Thanks, Charlie.  Had to get this one out the door quickly and realized I could cheat in this instance.  Appreciate your insight.

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Charlie Arehart

Thanks, and understood. I was offering that in case you DID still have the troubled server and DID want to understand/resolve it. If not, no worries, and until again.