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How to ADD a menu item to the Apple menu in Mojave?

Hi, I just upgraded to Mac's Mojave OS (version 10.14.6) .. yes, I know (its been out for a long time), but I really didn't need to upgrade and I was putting it off for as long as possible. - In any event, on High Sierra, I had a menu option under the Apple menu called "Location." It allowed me to switch network location on the fly from a menu rather than going into System Preferences > Networks... However in Mojave, there is no such menu item.

How can I add a menu item under the Apple menu which will allow me to select a network to use?

Thank you for your help.
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Hi there! :)

You may refer to the link below. Put it simply, you will want to go to Network -> Wi-Fi -> Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar.

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Hi Noah, yes... I can add the WiFi icon to the status bar, but I want to see other “Ethernet” type networks.  is there a way to add something that is NOT WiFi?
I am not sure about the menu bar but an alternative is to download a widget. Try this one.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I would rather do it the native Mac OS way. It used to be possible in High Sierra. I did it for years. Now with Mojave, it looks like they took that feature away.... leave it to Apple!
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I think you're looking in the wrong place.  It's in the Apple Menu -> Location.
Hi Eoin and Serialband, you are both actually correct. <y problem was that I had not added the desired locations to my "Location" dropdown menu in the network settings. As soon as I did... the Location option appeared in the dropdown menu. I guess if there is only one choice (i.e. Automatic) then the menu option is hidden.

That said... although you are both correct, Eoin offered the solution to my problem way in advance of your post Serialband. I think its only fair to award him the points in total.

That said, Serialband, I do appreciate you contributing and sharing your expertise.

Best Regard,