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Active Directory User time attributes (Last logon/logoff etc).

Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,

I have been tasked with finding what options are available with regards tracking when user start / finish thier day. I know thier PC usage isnt neccasirly an accurate representation of time spent, but it is what i have been asked to do.

What info is available from AD and how best to get at it. I am specifically looking for first and last logon/logoff in a given day if possible? Any other attributes that may help with the above task?

Thanks for your help.
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Shabarinath RamadasanInfrastructure Architect
Hello Paul,

Using the attributes like lastlogintimestamp will not help us because it has its own challenges.


May be logon/logoff script could more attractive.


But still, if a user dont logoff at the end of the day - that will not get captured.
If the user logoffs, restart or power off (direct power off), report may not be accurate.

Cheers !
A lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.

The above is pretty much on the ball, if you are genuinely concerned about your users productivity, you need to firstly employ people you trust.

Secondly, the above options are NOT productivity applications, as in even if they have  their logon/logoff timestamp they are not accurate


Go with a fully fledged monitoring application. But I still think it's pretty disgusting it's got to the point you have to do this.

Paul WalshSystem Administrator



Thought as much, didn't think the logon/off would be accurate.

Just to clarify its not me per say that has the problem, simply been asked to find out what options we have (invariably that doesn't cost any money.....)

Thanks for the help.