Access Form Dlookup - Using a Combo box for the expression value

Michael Noze
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Hi Experts,

I'm trying to populate a text box with a Dlookup based on a combobox value.
Form containing the combobox: frmInspection
combobox: cboEquipment
table: tblEquipment
Unique ID in the table: [EquipementID]
Field wanted in the textbox: [HS]

This is the code I've tried but didn't work:

Set rst2 = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("tblEquipment")
With rst
            Forms("frmInspection").Form.Controls("txtHS") = _
            DLookup(.Fields("HS"), "tblEquipment", Forms("frmInspection").Form.cboEquipement = _
End With

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Me.<name of control or field> = DLookup("HS", "tblEquipment", "[EquipmentID] = " &  Me.cboEquipement)

  This would assume that the ID is numeric and that this is running in the form.



Thanks! It worked perfectly!

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