How to edit/resize  day numbers [enlarge 1,2...30 etc.] in Calendar Creator for Mac?

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How to edit/resize  day numbers [enlarge 1,2...30 etc.] in Calendar Creator for Mac?
By StoryRock, Inc.

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Java version 1.8.0_112
Mac OS X 10.14.6
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Option 1 : System Preferences : Accessibility : Zoom .. use the shortcut keys to enable ZOOM when needed

Option 2 : Reduce the screen resolution in System Preferences : Displays to make  EVERYTHING bigger including text

Option 3: Contact the software developers if there is no option to do this in the App itself (which I expect there is not hence your question)

Option 4 : Best option
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Open Project file [Family Event Calendar]

Double click in project area containing object to change eg, text.
Select change/addition from Event Dialog Box and make changes to text.
For example, change point size of weekday/date [e.g. February 12] as needed.

Continue in this manner to conclude editing. Note that changes are global in object selected ie, cannot Bold only first letter.

Calendar Creator tends to crash if working outside CC window - no damage, just annoying.
Version for Mac

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