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Excel 2013 - VBA Add-in - Newbie question - Can't see or run macros

brothertruffle880 asked
Excel Add-in newbie question:
I have an Excel add in that I just loaded. TestofAddin.xlam
I want to run the macro "test" which is in a module1 in the add-in file. When I press Alt+8, I don't see the macro listed.
How can I run the macro called "test"?
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It must start with just Sub or Function. In other words no "Private" or "Public".
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Probably you mean Alt + F8. Add-in macros don't appear in the list of macros. You should still see them in the VBE, where you can use the Run command.
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Hi there! :)

Macros and Subroutines without arguments in add-ins do not appear in the Macros dialog. But you can try out this code.

 Call TestofAddin.test(routine parameters)

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