UpdatePanel css displays munged if click page during load

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Before getting all detailed about how I do this...

Has anyone heard about a problem where if you click the screen while the swirly gig is showing the page loading via an update panel, that the screen loads with munged looking CSS. As opposed to if you let the swirly gig load on the update panel and you don't touch the screen at all during the process, it loads fine?

Seeing if someone says "This is a known issue, all you have to do is..."
I'm sure I won't be so lucky, but worth a shot.

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If the page is not loading correctly it is caused by the user stop the page to load or errors occurred during the loading.
so I would check the browser console tab
right click / inspect during the page load and keep it open during your tests, to see if any error occurred.

If no error, take a video print screen so we can see what is happening.

Another issue can happen if you have for example a template that doing some calculation
 let say using go to top button, fixed top menu and or fixe footer and some responsive calculation, so if all this are automatically calculated usually this is into Javascript code,
this can cause issue if the page is short

let say if a page have not much content (shorter) it can display wrong because the calcultation of all items are wrong because the content is to small...

A way to fix that is to set a min-height for your wrapper main content div.
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Thanks for the suggestions! However, I did find a solution before I got a chance to read this...

The fix I added is during the Progress Update, i set the document.body css for the pointer event to "none".  I then have it set back to all on the pageLoad() call that automatically triggers after the progress update completes.

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