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Bob Schneider
Bob Schneider used Ask the Experts™
Ok I know this sounds bizarre but I have a web page that I access on my phone.  It has a "submit" button that I need to be very sensitive to the touch, so that the instant I press it, it responds.  Sometimes I have to do it multiple times to get it to submit.  I assume an app would be better but for now my only option is a web page.  Is there any way that I can make this a more "responsive to pressing" submit button than it is now?  It is big enough that it is hard to miss.

Thank you!
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Kesavan JeganarayananIT Consultant

have you tried the web page in other browsers? like chrome
what mobile you are using. have you updated the software OS to latest ?
also, which site you are accessing?
Bob SchneiderCo-Owner


Is n iPhone and I am using Safari for it.  I have the latest OS.  I am using my own site...a password-protected page of


You can use this script
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