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Opening zip file with password protection

upobDaPlaya used Ask the Experts™
I am sent a zip file daily that contains an excel file.  The zip is protected
When I double click on the zip icon/folder I then see the excel icon.  I double click on the excel file.
I am then prompted for a password - I assume this is the zip password as when I open the excel file there is no password protection.  Without the password I can not initially move the file.  It seems once input the password I can do anything I want with the file, without the password I can not open, move, etc.

Every day I am sent the same file (same filename,same password, but different rows of data) and I follow the very same proceed above but it never prompts me to put in a password again.
If I clear all my temp files and shutdown my PC I will then be re-prompted for the password
Why does this behavior occur ?  Shouldn't I be prompted for the password every day when I am sent the file and open the file ?  I only had to input the password the very first day.
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The way you describe it makes me believe that the Excel file is protected not the zip file where it resides. A secure zip will request the password before you can see its contents.
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If the files are the same, the password is cached.in the Windows compression tool which is what it sounds that you are using.

Try changing the filename (zip) file you are sending and see if the behavior changes.
Excel files will also ask for a password everytime you open them, if they are password protected.


Thanks !