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Microsoft server essentials gradually slowing down


We have had a weird issue affecting Windows Server Essentials operating systems, both 2012 r2 & 2016.

The issue started a around October and affected only one client server. The server would run so slow that remote login was impossible. Trying to log in locally was also difficult as it could take 10-20mins to react to ALT-CTRL-DEL. The server itself was not locked just very slow.

CPU, HDD & RAM usage would display as low.

The only way to get the server back to normal functionality was to perform a remote reboot using cmd prompt from another pc on the network.

During the next couple of weeks we had three more client servers experience the same issue. All servers were the same make & model so we thought it was something to do with that.

Recently we have just had a 5th server experience this issue which is a different make & model.

We have checked & removed 3rd party software and anti virus etc but no change. Updated BIOS & drivers, still no change.

We believe that this must have been caused by a Windows update but can't figure out which one, if any have caused this.

Has anyone else had or is having this issue, and if so did you find out the cause?
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Odd problems like this (low CPU usage + slowness) almost always relates to disk i/o, specially disk writes.

Could be normal i/o, SQL, or Malware running.

Start by using whatever tools your normally use to debug disk i/o problems.

Likely this will quickly identify the culprit.
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Thanks for the reply, I will look at this but I don't think this has happened on 5 separate servers on 5 separate sites within a few weeks of each other.
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