Add Multiple printers sharename remotely on computer with PowerShell

Steve Bona
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I need to add multiple printers from my print server to a computer which need those printers
The location of printers are

And the Name of the computer S-APP007.domainA.local

Before write a little script, i try this powershell command in remote session
Add-Printer -ConnectionName "\\S-PRINT001\LAS0001" -CimSession S-APP007
The command doesn't work
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You're aware that network printers are user specific, not machine specific? So even if done remotely, they would only be available for the account you used to logon to the remote machine.
And there's no real need to deploy printers by script anymore; you can do that with a GPO:
Deploying printers using Group Policy
Steve BonaInformation Technology Specialist


Oupsss you're right, I forgot network printers specification, so i will use GPO for my solution

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