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Cisco VOIP: Reset inline power to ports

amigan_99 used Ask the Experts™
I need to re-IP all the voice VLANs in a company. My first thought was to just renumber the SVIs at each site related to VOIP. But that would then cut me off from being able to reset the phones from the Call Manager because the gateway no longer works. OR would it be the case that losing connectivity to the Call Manager, the phones might just reboot themselves?

If not that - might there be a way to recycle the inline power at the switches to force the phones to reboot? e.g

int range Gi 2/0/1 - 47
    power inline never


    power inline auto

Any other thought on the most efficient means to reboot all the phones on a switch when they can't talk to the Call Manager?
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You might be able to change the ip in the svi then add the current ip as a secondary. Change dhcp scope, reset phones,  Done. Then you can simply remove the secondary ip.
amigan_99Network Engineer


That's a great idea. Thanks.