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Is it possible to manually migrate a SharePoint Online O365 site without Admin Credentials?

Has anyone had success copying or downloading an Office 365 SharePoint Site manually without Site Collection Administrator permissions?  I'm engaged in a company split and source company does not want to provide Administrative privileges to SharePoint Environment for fear of data loss.  So we are forced to manually move the data by syncing each site to One Drive for Business, however, this will not provide lists, term store, and other essential data.  Is there another option?
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Need the SharePoint admin to grand access to the Office 365 users to do the migration.
Allow users to run custom script on personal sites
Allow users to run customer script on self-service created sites

Please refer this document for migration tools:
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Thanks for your response, however, the link refers to migrating from a SharePoint Server and not from Office 365.  This copy is from one Office 365 SharePoint Online tenant to Office 365 SharePoint Online tenant.
Sorry, We use Sharepoint server.

Your source company need to provide you the site owner permission to do so: below some references to take a look:
Yes, everyone impacted has site owner privileges, the problem statement is how do you copy the data from the office 365 Sharepoint Online site on one tenant and import/migrate to another tenant manually?  Which directories/folders/files are essential to copy in order to populate the destination site?
If you are doing a manual migration, download from the source and  upload to the destination. In the destination you would of course need permission to mirror the document libraries of the source.

In order to download data from the source, member access or maybe even read only access is all you need. On the destination  you will need to be able to create list libraries and such, meaning edit or maybe even owner permission.

If you have a lot of data to copy, you may want to look in to Sharegate.

Good luck...
Thank you for your response, we are able to download document libraries from the source and using One Drive for Business to do this.  However, I have not found a way as a Site Owner to download lists, content types, site columns, groups, permissions, workflows, style libraries, calendar items.  It seems the only way to get this from the source is to be a Site Collection Administrator.  On the destination tenant, we have no issues as we are Global Admins.

We have tried Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 as well as attempting to copy by navigating to: both options requires Site Collection Administrator privileges.
Migrate what?

It is very possible to recreate a site if you can download, upload and recreate pages etc.
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So you went with my recommendation

It is very possible to recreate a site if you can download, upload and recreate pages etc.
Thanks for your input.