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2-Node vSAN

sara2000 used Ask the Experts™
We have a small remote office and want to set up a VMware solution to run about five servers. The maximum storage would be 3 TB. The system should be highly available. I only know about the shared storage, and ESXi hosts which will do the  HA.
A colleague of mine asked me to look for a vSAN solution.  Experts out there, you might have implemented a vSAN solution?
Would you recommend me to go in that direction instead of purchasing multiple ESXi hosts and shared storage?
We have HQ with VMware fracture. Is it possible for us to buy two ESXi hosts with local storage and use the Witness server as a VM from HQ?
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There is a product called vSAN ROBO

see here


It is possible to use two ESXi hosts,


You may want to consider the costs because the HCL for ESXi and vSAN is very tight.

You also need to purchase vSAN Ready Nodes, rather than just bung hardware together, and you would need all flash, or SSD and HDD to build the vSAN nodes.

A small NAS or SAN could be less expensive, or a DAS option to connect both ESXi servers. (e.g. SAS direct connection to SAS chassis).


Thank you for the quick reply.
If I understood correctly, for the SAN ROBO, we need at least three ESXI hosts with SSD and HDD, am I correct?
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only 2 ESXi hosts required.