permission error when connecting to mysql  from remote location

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hi all i have almost got my deployment server ready work but anytime i try to so anything on mysql wordbench from remote i am getting a error
CREATE SCHEMA `flightdata` ;

Operation failed: There was an error while applying the SQL script to the database.
ERROR 1044: Access denied for user 'root'@'%' to database 'flightdata'
SQL Statement:
CREATE SCHEMA `flightdata`

can someone please help
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root is commonly restricted to localhost only.

it seems you may have created another user root@% but it does not seem this user has the requisite rights

You should reconnect on the localhost and make sure the rights you grant root@% includes creation of DB/schemas ..

grant ALL  on *.* TO 'root'@'remote_system'
flush privileges
to make the change effective. never expose an administrative user to anyhost ('%') always limit/restrict it to access from a specific host.
You could setup phpmyadmin on the mysql server if needed.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

If you use a sensible Distro with sensible database packages, all this is handled for you.

For example, if you install Ubuntu Bionic (LTS - Long Term Service version), then use standard MariaDB Installer the packaging system will arrange for the root Linux user to also be the MariaDB root user.

In other words, your initial root database user is generally handled, either easily/seamlessly or poorly, depending on the Distro + package installer used.

As arnold mentioned, you must actually login a your Linux root user to make changes to system level processes like running database root user commands.

Depending on your hosting, this may or may not be possible.

Likely good starting point will be to open a ticket with your hosting company or if you do your own machine admin, you'll ssh into your machine as root or su/sudo to root after login, before interacting with your database subsystem.


thanks mate when i ru nthat i get a error ERROR 1133 (42000): Can't find any matching row in the user table
Distinguished Expert 2017
Presumably you reference the grant, you first need to create the user 'username'@'remote_system' with password=...
Then you grant the users the rights needed.

If you gave workbench or phpmyadmin on the mysql server, you can use it to setup the user for the remote_system and grant it the rights you wish or that user needs.

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