How to accurate confirm/compare configs from Cisco to Juniper

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I am using the Juniper migration tool but is this the best method when you are changing vendors from Cisco to Juniper as it relates to access switches. I need to be 100% accurate with the configs . Any suggestions much appreciated.
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I would surprised if anything is 100%, I would recommend doing a manual comparison as well.
Infrastructure admin
I Agree with "Bryant Schaper" there is no tool that guarantees 100%  config translation, especially from different Vendors.

The best practice for this kind of Migration is to do a line by line config comparison after using the config translation tool, then do an offline test to check VLAN config and traffic trunks and STP.

moreover, Juniper has an application for this issue called I2J which is developed by juniper to translate configuration from CISCO IOS to Juniper JUNOS


did that already and it was actually successful.  thank you for the info though and responses
line for line configuration with the migration tool

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