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Installer Incompatibility trying to install MS Project Pro 2019

I currently have a MS Office Standard 2016 volume licensed installation on my Windows 10 Pro (1909-18363-347) computer and I need to install a click-to-run version of Microsoft Project Professional 2019. It comes up with an error (see attached image) and won't let me continue. How can I work around this issue so I can run both Office and Project? Can I uninstall the MSI version of Office, install the click-to-run Project and then re-install the MSI standalone Office Standard 2016? Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply Noah. I had read that article and some others and was hoping that some of the experts here might have a work around. I don't have Office 365, just a volume licensed version of Office Standard 2016 for next to nothing as we are a non-profit. I purchased what I thought was going to be an easy installation of MS Project Pro 2019 that failed to mention that it was a Click-to-Run version and is incompatible with what I have. I'm not looking for an online subscription solution of Office. Thank you again for your suggestion.
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Thank you for the reply Kesavan, but that is not my situation. If I were to do what it suggests and uninstall my Office 2016 Standard and then install the Click-to-Run version of Project 2019, would i be able to then reinstall my Office 2016 Standard?
would i be able to then reinstall my Office 2016 Standard?

No. The only practical solution is to upgrade to Office 2019 as  MSI standalone is no longer an install option for Office 2019 under Volume Licence and everyone needs to deploy MS Office using click-to-run technology.
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Because you're effectively trying to run the latest versions of both the CtR and MSI combination isn't allowed
See here for why

Would those people who want Project settle for 2013 MSI (Volume Licensed version) which can be installed alongside O365 CtR?

Otherwise, as already described, to get both you either add Project to 365 and everyone gets it or remove those who need Project from O365 and given them MSI Office 2019 with Project .  Neither scenario is particularly helpful though - especially if your Project 2019 users want to use multiple machines.
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Thank you all for your input.