DFS Namespace - Old Server pointers still there.

Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts

Need a little advice on a DFS Namespace issue:


I bought up a new Server 2016 and robocopied all files from old 2008 Server to new
Installed DFS feature on new
Added new server as new targets and removed old server targets.
Powered down old server and all namespaces stopped working

Powered old server back up and they started working again.


DFSDiag /Testsites /Machine:NewServerName
Success: The site associated with the following host name is consistent on all accessible domain controllers: NewServerName

DFSDIAG /TestSites /dfspath:\\MyDomainName\filestores /full

Success: The site associated with the following host name is consistent on all accessible domain controllers: OldServerName
Validating the static site association by accessing the registry.
Success: The static site-association of the following host name is consistent with the site-association in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS): OldServerName

I have logged into ADSIEdit and there are no Orphaned DFS Entries


We are using DFS just for namespaces, no replication, I believe the namespaces are correctly sitting on the domain but I need to get rid of the pointer to the OldServerName and make sure that it can still see the NewServerName.

Your help as always is greatly appreciated.

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AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.

So, I'm a bit confused as to why you have DFS and didn't consider using DFSR to replicate to your new box, would be much easier.

On your DFS name spaces, have you removed the target to the old server or?

Also, if you create a new DFS namespace pointing directly at your new file server, does it still work even when you power down your old box?



Hi Alex

I was consolidating 4 file servers into one so the existing OldFileServer did not have all the data, how I got the data onto the new server is irrelevant but thank you for your commnet on this.

I did remove the targets to the OldFileServer and pointed the targets to the NewFileServer.

I I used dfsutil /clean to remove the reference to the OldFileServer and now I get this error:

Starting TestDfsIntegrity...

Validating the DFS metadata integrity of \\DOMAIN\Namespace...
Checking for DFS metadata consistency between domain controllers and the PDC emulator in the domain...
Success: DFS metadata is consistent across all accessible domain controllers and the PDC emulator.

Checking the registry of the namespace servers...
Error: The system cannot find the file specified.
Warning: Unable to verify the registry of the following namespace server: OldServerName

Validating reparse points of all DFS folders in namespace: \\DOMAIN\Namespace
Validating access, access control list (ACL), target state of DFS folders in namespace: \\DOMAIN\Namespace
Warning: The reparse point for the following DFS folder (link) does not exist: \\DOMAIN\Namespace\TargetFolder

I don't want to power down old file server because I think the dfs site association still points to the old file server and will bring down shares.

I need to know how to point the dfs site association to the new file server?
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Which are your DFS Namespace servers? Did you add the DFS Namespace role to a new server and add it to the Namespace?
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Hi Kevin

I created a new fileserver, added DFS role to server.

Displayed the Namespaces already created from \\DOMAIN

Added new folder targets to New DFS Server

Deleted old targets to Old Server

Powered off Old DFS Server which was when I started having issues, the namespaces would not resolve with a RPC error

Powered on Old DFS Server and namespaces were okay again.

I think I may have underestimated how hard DFS is to administer.

kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

There are two components. What are the DFS Namespace servers, and what are the specific targets. They are separate things. I have DFS Namespace servers that have no targets pointing to them. I also have DFS Namespace targets that don't have DFS Namespace role installed.


Hi Kevin

Okay so

OLD:  FileServer1 has DFS role and folder shares lets call them Files1 & Files2

New: FileServer2 has DFS role, I RoboCopied the data from FileServer1 to FileServer2 with Identical folder shares

I opened up DFS MMC and browsed the domain for the Namespaces, I added the folder shares on FileServer2 and removed the targets to FileServer1

I think I just need to deleted the lot and re-create the targets?

Thanks again
Network Engineer
Look at this link for how to add a DFS Namespace server to the existing namespace.


After tested working, you should remove the old server from the namespace as a namespace server.

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