ACT v18 Starts then shuts down

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Hi Everyone,

I have a client with Windows 10 with ACT! v18. It was running great for months now when you start ACT! the ACT! splash window appears, the program appears behind it, then it all disappears within a second. ACT! (program) is not running in Task Manager.

I have uninstalled all security software (with a reboot) with the same result.

I tried Rebuilding the preferences file per:
but get the same result

Any suggested remedies would be appreciated!
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Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

If you login as another user to the computer, do you get the same results?

Generally I use ProcMon to troubleshoot issues like these, but trying a user with another profile is simpler.


Hi Adam,
I can't get that far. Here's what happens:
Double click on the ACT! icon (anywhere on PC)
ACT splash page appears
ACT program appears behind it
  -Open or New database options appear
For a split second, it looks like the database is about to open then it all disappears
*ACT not running in TaskManager
*I uninstalled TrendMicro Security so there is no security other than Windows Defender
*In the ACTDIAG, it says the database is Good - no errors
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

Even when logged in as another user?  Re-creating a user profile is a pain, but if it's a corrupt user profile, it could be solved by copying out the desktop, files, etc to C:\temp and blowing the profile away if it works as another user.

My suggestion would be to run ProcMon:

1. Unzip ProcMon
2. Run ProcMon
3. Immediately run Act!
4. Stop logging in ProcMon (magnifying glass icon)
5. Review log

You can save the PML file and upload it here for us to review.  Go to File>Save, note path of PML file and upload here.
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To try creating a new User Account on the computer?
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

Yes.  You can create a new user for troubleshooting.  If the problem follows to the new user, then it is not user profile corruption.  When you are done with the user account, you should be able to restart the PC and then delete that account.


10-4. I will try after hours and post my update


I created a new account on the PC and got the same result.

I ran ProcMon and saved the PML file but it is larger than 50MB and cannot upload it. What am I looking for?

Maybe one of the SQL installations is corrupted? Do you what SQL software is needed to run ACT! v 18?
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

What you are looking for is any errors saying file not found, access denied.  If there is a limit on the upload here at EE, you could probably upload the file to a Google Drive or OneDrive and do a share on that file.

I won't throw out random guesses.  I would check the event logs and see if they point to anything.  In the search bar, type compmgmt.msc and hit enter.  Drill into System Tools>Event Viewer>Custom Views>Administrative Events.  Is there anything interesting in there?


Single user:
Multiple user:
I think I have a resolution:
I contacted the ACT consultant who sold me the software for help. He said the issue is due to a licensing problem.
>When ACT! starts, it checks the license for validation as part of the start-up process
  -If the license doesn't check out, then ACT won't open
>There is an update ACT! Update 7 for v18 that addresses this. I attempted the installation of this update immediately after the reinstalling ACT as one of my remedies but got the same result.
>The ACT Consultant is sending me a new install file that includes an updated license update file

I appreciate your suggestions Adam
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant


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