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Help selecting products for Wireless Network Bridge

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I need some help in configuring a couple of Ubiquity Wireless Network Bridges.   To date I have only installed very basic UBIQUITY bridges (very short distances, supporting 1 or 2 cameras)
So this is basically 3 questions, someone tell me if I need to separate into 3 on EE.
1. On what I'm calling "Site A" I will have 8 PTZ cameras approximately 1 mile away from the main building.  These cameras are 4mp, and will have excellent "line of sight".  I am assuming that I can accomplish this with an OMNI antenna on the main building, and some dishes with each camera.   Can someone tell me which Ubiquity Products I need.
2. For "Site B", (completely different location) I need 2 of the dishes to support (2) 8mp cameras and 1 of the dishes to support only one, again going back to an omni antenna.  
3. Can someone show me the math for calculating bandwidths used for IP cameras (4pm and 8mp)?   IF I knew how to do that, maybe I could figure out which UBIQUITY products to use.
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To answer both 1. and 2. the key is knowing what the bandwidth required per camera will be, and because of the distance, what the acheivable link speed is.

You might find this bandwidth calculator useful.

If mjpeg is required, the bandwidth will be significantly higher than if H265 can be used.

Depending on location of the remote sites to the base station, and the bandwidth required per camera, an omnidirectional antenna may suffice, but it might be required to use sector antennas and more than one base station.