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Fiber Recomendation for 10Gb Trunk

beatified asked
Network LayoutI manage an apartment complex that is about 6 acres in size and currently has CAT6 run pretty much everywhere. I am using Ubiquiti Unifi gear for the entire network. I would like to put in a Fiber trunk to all of the switches distributed thru out the complex.

This Network primarily serves a NVR of mostly 5MP cameras set at pretty high bandwidths each of about 10 to 15Mb each and as you can see (in the attached picture) all the cameras pass through the same switches at the end of the line where the servers are. We also have an ESXi server that connected to cameras on the other end of the run.

My thought is to keep it low budget but possibly get a few Mikrotik SFP+ switches and run fiber everywhere as a main trunk and tie the 10Gb from the Mikrotik switches and then uplink those to the UniFi Switch 8 POE-150Ws at 1Gb. I hope the makes sense so I just want to pass through that location at 10Gb and then uplink each UniFi Switch at 1Gb.
Attached is a map of the complex and basic network layout Blue is where CAT6 is run. This is the same place that I would run Fiber. If the Blue goes past a switch, its connected to that switch. There are a few switches that are not connected directly to the blue but those are further away from the blue so it should be obvious.

The CAT6 is run on roofs and aerially from roof to roof. So the Fiber would need to do the same. So it would need to be Outdoor rated for Sun and water and if it has a messenger wire that wouldn't hurt but I can create my own if needed as long as the sheath is sturdy enough to not wear through or something.

My question is what type of fiber would be a good choice for this purpose.
As far as I could tell Single Mode is my best option But I do need to be able to terminate the fiber myself. I am confident that if I take some time to learn how to properly do this I can but the easiest termination system that gives good results would be what I prefer.

Can you please recommend...
Termination ends
SFP+ Fiber Modules that will work for the Mikrotik switch.
SFP 1Gb Modules that will work with Ubiquiti switches

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You can do 10gb over multimode fiber up to 550 meters.  That should work

Multimode is cheaper than single mode fiber, not only for the fiber but the hardware as well.

I can'c comment on the terminating and would recommend a professional handle that, even if you just contract them for the terminations and not running the cable.
Sorry, termination ends with fiber are a bit irrelevant, you could easy use ST or SC, pretty common.  ST are nice as they have the locking twist connection and less chance of becoming loose.  Depending on switch you will probably just need a patch cable to at adapts to MTRJ or LC.  LC is probably more common now on the switches.

I would be happy to answer additional questions, just let me know.



Thanks for the response Bryant, when I am referring to termination I'm referring to the process of putting ST, SC, or LC connectors on the fiber itself. I know different companies have got different solutions to do this. I was trying to ask if you knew of any remotely easy and inexpensive solutions out there for doing this. I know you can spend a whole lot of money on terminating but I am hoping to avoid that.

Also another question when it comes to selecting fiber. Is there a significant price difference between multi-mode and single-mode? And as far as the number of fibers in the cable is there any benefit to running individual fibers to each termination point from a single fiber switch or something like that?

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Beatified,

Let see if I get the questions:

1.  As far as terminating the connections, I know there are do it yourself kits, it is a process with a learning curve.  Before you do do it yourself practice, and maybe get a quote to bring a company out to do it as well.  I don;'t know of any inexpenive solutions.

2.  Single mode is cheaper to repair than multimode, but optics are cheaper on multimode.  Overall over the life of the fiber, probably a wash.  Your distances are probably over 550M so single mode is the way to go

3. So, just to understand, you are thinking of getting say a 24 or 48 strand cable and just dropping a few pairs at each point to connect a switch.  Yes possible, but you would have more splices, especially with an areal or outdoor cable, it would be a challenge to just pull a few strands.  You may consider running multiple smaller cables together, like 12x6 strand instead of a single 72 strand.  As far as benefit, we could debate that, you have 12 switches, so really you have to figure out total bandwidth, of you have 12 switches each uploading 1gig you would exceed the capacity of a single 10gig port.  ie 12 x 1 gig = 12gig over 10gig.  

Looking at your diagram, you may look at doing a loop as well, you one run is a single point of failure along the network.  Say the cable breaks half way, you lose half the network, but if you ran all the way around the server room all the traffic could run the other way if a cable breaks, so at one point along the network a switch will sit in the middle and be able to send traffic either direction.  Also instead of over committing the 10 gig port you are now spreading it over 2 10 gig ports.

Now if you are thinking a single say 12 port SFP+ switch at the server and a dedicated run to each location, then yes it has the benefit that any single segment goes down, only that segment is impacted (assuming the SFP+ switch is not what goes down.

I did a large fiber installation on a 150 acre resort years ago, messy process but we just looped between buildings and and did not try to do a single run to each.  1 was cost, and 2 was overall access.  But certainly it would have been nice to not have to troubleshoot a dozen switches in between to find a problem.

But to make that we need to know more about the network.  I cannot comment to much on Mikrotik swicthes but I am sure the support spanning tree.