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Michael Noze
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Hi Experts,

I'm looking for a query to extract texts after a certain characters is found.
The criterias are:
- V1
- V2
- V3
- V7
- L1

In example:
1.       vwcnkn-.-cV3036 -> V3036
2.       EI-. EKI4 L1360 -> L1360
3.       cqwqc-cL1322 -> L1322
4.       VAUTO -> We don't take this value
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Function getDelimited(InputString as String)

Dim s As String
s = "V1;V2;V3;V7;L1"
Dim delimiters() As String
Dim position As Integer
Dim returnDelim As String
delimiters = Split(s, ";")
returnDelim =""
For i = LBound(delimiters) To UBound(delimiters)
    position = 0
    position = InStr(InputString, delimiters(i))
    If position > 0 Then
    returnDelim =Mid(InputString, position)
    Exit For
    End If
getDelimited = returnDelim
End Function

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You were asking for a query, so here it is:
SELECT * FROM YourTable 
WHERE SomeColumn LIKE '%V1%' 
   OR SomeColumn LIKE '%V2%' 
   OR SomeColumn LIKE '%V3%' 
   OR SomeColumn LIKE '%V7%' 
   OR SomeColumn LIKE '%L1%' 

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1. Add this function to one of your modules.
2. Add this function into your query.  It will either return the string you want or an empty string.  If you need to limit your rows based on the result, you can also add this function to your WHERE clause.
Function Q_29166817(ByVal textValue)
    Static oRE As Object
    If oRE Is Nothing Then
        Set oRE = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")
        oRE.Pattern = "(?:V1|V2|V3|V7|L1)\w*"
    End If
    If IsNull(textValue) Then
        Q_29166817 = vbNullString
        Exit Function
    End If
    If oRE.test(textValue) Then
        Q_29166817 = oRE.Execute(textValue)(0)
    End If
End Function

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A simple expression in your query will do it:

    IIf(Left(Right([LongCode],5),2) In ("V1","V2","V3","V7","L1"),Right([LongCode],5),Null) AS Code

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LOL, I should read the question...



@pcelba ;)

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