Extract first 2 white spaces from folder / file name

Roberto Madro R.
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I'm looking for a way to delete the first 2 white spaces from the name of folders / files.

Example: AB 123 John Accounting Department, would become AB123John Accounting Department
Appreciate the thoughts.
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For files, you can use this; it's in test mode and will only display which files it would rename to what. Remove the -WhatIf at the end to run it for real.
Get-ChildItem -Path 'C:\temp\*.txt' -File | Rename-Item -NewName {$_.Name -replace '^(.*?)\s(.*?)\s', '$1$2'} -WhatIf

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Rename directories like this; it will first sort them by depth (so that the deepest paths are renamed first); test mode as well:
Get-ChildItem -Path C:\Temp -Directory | Sort-Object @{e={[regex]::Matches($_.FullName, '\\').Count}} -Descending | Rename-Item -NewName {$_.Name -replace '^(.*?)\s(.*?)\s', '$1$2'} -WhatIf

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oBdA, thank you, right on the money, much appreciated.

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