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Problem with Delphi 10.3.3 (Rio)

It appears that this Version of Delphi has removed access to private Fields.
JvFormStorage produces an AccessViolation when trying to exctract Sections.

Code Snippet:

function TMemIniFileHelper.ValueExists(const Section, Ident: string): Boolean;
  I: Integer;
  Strings: TStrings;
  Sections: TStringList;
  {$IFDEF RTL310_UP} // 10.1 Berlin removed the access to private fields
  Sections := TMemIniFileAccess(Self).FSections;
  Sections := Self.FSections;
  {$ENDIF RTL310_UP}
  I := Sections.IndexOf(Section);
  if I >= 0 then
    Strings := TStringList(Sections.Objects[I]);
    I := Strings.IndexOfName(Ident);
    Result := I >= 0;
  end else
    Result := False;
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Don't have access to this version, but it sounds like a visibility modifier problem. Check the TMemIniFileAccess class and its modifier in both your systems.

Otherwise it's intentional, see Closing the Class Helpers Private Access Loophole.

In this case it simply means, that you did something in the past, which simply wasn't correct, but allowed. So, when you need to access such a private member, then change the base class.
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