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URL Rewrite

Jo Cox
Jo Cox used Ask the Experts™
We have a website (IIS) that shows PDF's as part of the interface. In the URL it displays the path and filename to the location of the file. With some ingenuity a web-user could guess other filenames and access files they shouldn't.

I believe there is method that we can use to convert the path/filename part of the URL to a guid so as to obfuscate this info.

I was led to believe that a reverse proxy was the tool for the job. We have setup our sophos firewalls as such but this feature isn't happening.

If anyone could advise it would be much appreciated, my skills in this area are somewhat lacking so any pointers welcome.

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I'd suggest the following:
Encrypt the file names in the links.
Make a simple active page which decrypts that string coming from the URL parameter and then returns the file content.
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
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You have to do this server side, note client side.

URL rewriting not the correct approach for more that a few files
ICT Manager
File names were predictable so people could guess them.
We changed all the filenames to include a random number.
Jo CoxICT Manager


Thanks for help guys. Jo