One drive speeds ... even with fast broadband is disapointing / anyone else feel the same?

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OneDirve for business ...  My BB speeds are approx 50 meg

It was working OK with a gig or so of data ...  

I decided to move my photos / videos in of approx 250 gig.
Now I realise thats a lot. But a week later and I left my laptop on over night a few times and it still wasnt complete or any whwre near it
Got a mixture of messages / excuses saying sync resources low etc

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled One Drive ap and it says  Processing and is on a count down and at about 5000 and getting lower.
Presume when it hits 0 it starts up loading what it doesnt have in the Cloud

Anyway, whats your experience of OneDrive?
Is it fast?
Is it stable?
etc ...
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Tip: For fast storage, lease an OVH data storage server.

They're cheap + blazingly fast. provides pricing.

Other tech... seems... so slow, when compared with fast systems like Linux serving RAID storage.

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