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Create script or batch file to execute Application via XenApp 7.15

jnordeng used Ask the Experts™
Hello.  We have an Access 2010 Database using a workgroup security file in our existing XenApp 6.5 Environment.  The parameters are set using a custom app and the credentials are passed on the Launch line.  For example on the XenApp 6.5 Command Line I have the following:

"\\NetworkLocation.domain.local\APPLIC\Launcher\Launcher.exe" app97-ST12010 encrypted password

Path to custom app, looks for the app97-ST2010 in an ini file and the passes the encrypted password to the app.

So I'd like to create a batch script or other type of script to open an access 2010 database using security workgroup file and passing credential information to work in XenApp 7.15.  I've tried a few different variations but no success within Citrix Studio.


Thanks in advance.
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Just wanted to share here in case anyone is looking for a solution.  We ended up rewriting the mechanism in powershell that we were using to pass the credentials.  It was a custom app that was written in Python previously.  After converting to Powershell, we simply called powershell and then put in the Command options.

Here's  a sample.

Path to executable:

Command Line Argument (optional):
-ExecutionPolicy Bypass \\server.domain.local\repo\App\startApp.ps1 -env TST -force EncryptedPassword