Apply a new name to a folder based on its old name, read from a list

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Using Powershell, is there a way to read from a directory all the folder (folder names), save them to an Excel file, in Excel, and in an adjacent column, provide a new Folder name, and then via the script, apply the new name based onto the folder, based on its old name.

Your thoughts are appreciated.
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Create the csv (will already create an empty column "NewName"):
Get-ChildItem -Path C:\Temp -Recurse -Directory | Select-Object FullName, Name, NewName | Export-Csv -Path D:\Temp\RenameDir.csv -NoTypeInformation

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Edit away, save again as csv.
To rename the folders; in test mode so you can see what it would rename how; remove the -WhatIf at the end to run it for real.
Import-Csv -Path C:\temp\RenameDir.csv |
	Where-Object {$_.NewName} |
	Sort-Object @{e={[regex]::Matches($_.FullName, '\\').Count}} -Descending |
	ForEach-Object {Rename-Item -LiteralPath $_.FullName -NewName $_.NewName -Verbose -WhatIf}

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oBdA assumes you want to rename subfolders too. If you only want to do for top-level folders below a folder, just remove -Recurse from the CSV generating command.
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oBdA comes through again, saved my skin, many thanks.

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