How to proactively tell if windows system lost it's trust relationship with the domain

Robert Perez-Corona
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Is there a way via powershell/scheduled task, or software/app or other solution that we can see if a windows machine lost its trust with the domain?

Since it's a occurring issue at my job, I was hoping to execute something and generate reports to hand off to my Ops team

Thank you.
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A machine doesn't lose its trust with the domain out of the blue.
The only things that that come to mind that can cause this are
* Duplicate computer names, where the one that is rejoined throws the other one off.
* Users that are local Administrators and "join the machine to their home workgroup"
* Authoritative AD restore (should hit more than one machine).
* Restore of a snapshot/image of a machine where the machine changed its password after the snapshot/image was taken
That's about it. I have yet to encounter a machine that spontaneously drops its secure channel.
You can use Test-ComputerSecureChannel to test (and repair) the secure channel.
Kesavan JeganarayananIT Consultant

in Addition to oBdA's comments, it is very difficult or proactively tell system lost it's trust relationship with the domain.
You need to have your previous history to see how many clients affected per year to show as estimates.
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The only time a machine loses trust with a domain is when an update or a failing drive triggers a system repair and rolls/reverts to a prior snapshot.

I think your question is somewhat similar to how can I proactively determine whether I lost my keys.
You find out when the keys are needed. same with the trust relationship.

Note. The login using cached credentials is available when the system is OFF the network. If you have a local admin, or you are an admin on the domain, once you have an active session, and the system is
Robert Perez-CoronaSystems Administrator


thank you all for the input.

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