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Outlook displays *some* messages (a few) with blank bodies.

We have a workstation that is receiving *some* emails and is displaying nothing in the body of those emails.
It's using Microsoft Office 365 Outlook.

The email service is hosted by our ISP.  The full text shows up in their webmail interface should we choose to go there.

I can forward "blank" messages from this workstation to *me* and the text shows up.  This suggests that the text is available on the errant workstation.
Yet, if I reply with those messages BACK, the body in my email is blank at the workstation in question.

I have repaired Office.
I have checked formats.
Since this is only for certain messages, I'm stumped!!

We recently transitioned to a Domain network from peer-to-peer and the user has reported that's when this started happening.  I think we've agreed that this is a coincidence but I mention it only for completeness here.
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Hi there! :)

First of all, disable all COM add-ins you don't need. Go to File > Options > Add-ins > Manage > Go
User generated image

After that, go File > Option > mail > Stationery and Fonts and under Composing and reading plain text messages click Font > Font color > choose Automatic

User generated image
User generated image
If the issue still persists, you can try repairing your Outlook via the Control Panel as the last resort.

User generated image
The stationary settings shown above apply to new emails or replies, so I don't think that helps.

Is the body readable if you switch to reading as plain text only?
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Qlemo:  No, switching to reading as plain text only doesn't seem to help.
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Qlemo:  I think that's the case.  I can't capture anything with ctrl+A, ctrl+C.  Trying to run the cursor over the blank space doesn't advance beyond the starting point.

Here is an interesting observation:
Originally, I forwarded one of these messages to me that the whole thing showed up at my end.
Today, I did the same but sending was delayed.  After a time, the entire text showed up in the Forward window before I sent it.
So, as I suspected the first test did show, the text is there on the problem computer .. somewhere.
Thanks for the suggestions!!