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Error codes meanings with MS Access

SimonBoutin used Ask the Experts™
A MS Access database get corrupted so we tried the Compact and Repair process from another non-corrupted MS Access database.
It worked fine but we got these error codes and messages on the new created "MSysCompactError" table:


But we really don't know what these error codes really means.
We must identify which of the errors generated by the Compact and Repair process indicate data loss or which don’t.
Do you some experience with that?
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Daniel PineaultPresident / Owner CARDA Consultants Inc.
Distinguished Expert 2018

The Unrecognized database format is most probably coming from a well known bug, see https://www.devhut.net/2018/06/13/access-bug-database-is-in-an-unrecognized-format/

As for the Null error, sounds like your db might run an autoexec, or startup form which is running code that has improper variable declarations.
Jim Dettman (EE MVE)President / Owner
Most Valuable Expert 2017
Most Valuable Expert 2012

Consider the database hosed.   A C&R can only go by what it has in front of it and tries to make sense out of that.  What it now sees in a particular spot is a null value, but it can't put that into a field for whatever reason.  

A C&R completing is not a guarantee of a sound database.  It works most of the time, but not always.   You should go to a backup.



the most important question we must answer is which of the errors generated by the Compact and Repair process indicate data loss or which don’t.
Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )Infotrakker Software
Most Valuable Expert 2012
Top Expert 2014

You can't really pinpoint data errors from the records in the MSysCompactErrors table. As Jim suggested, revert to a recent backup.

If you have copy of the database that you have not yet run C&R on, you could send it www.everythingaccess.com and see if they can recover it.
we will take old backups.
Thank you for your help!