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disable trackpad when an external mouse is detected

mkramer777 used Ask the Experts™
I have a Lenovo V330 laptop with windows 7 pro.  I have looked in the mouse settings for the trackpad to see if I can turn off the trackpad when a wireless mouse is detected, but I cannot find this setting.  Is the setting somewhere elese that I am not looking?  I have several HP laptops and I can go to mouse settings and tick a box that says something like lock trackpad when external mouse is detected or installed.
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Look on the keyboard, usually the track mouse has a button or a key-combo that disables it Fn+5 or 7

it has a rectagnular/rectangular with a line through it.

It is not disabled within the windows, it is a hardware disable.
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look here :   https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/videos/vid100752
To enable or disable your touchpad, there are a few options.
In the search box, type mouse.
Now look at the search results. If you see Mouse Properties or Mouse, click on it. Otherwise, click on Mouse & Touchpad settings
Click on Additional Mouse Options. Depending on the model, the menu may have a different layout.
On a ThinkPad, you will see a tab named UltraNav or ThinkPad. You will have to either check or uncheck the Enable TouchPad checkbox, or select Use TrackPoint Only from a drop-down list.
On a Lenovo or IdeaPad laptop, the tab may be named Device Settings or show the brand name of the touchpad, and the button will be named Enable/Disable or Start/Stop device.