Can the nimble iscsi info be placed into a Cisco UCS template or is nimble individual volume based?

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I'm currently using Cisco UCS and NetApp with boot from iSCSI LUNs.  Within NetApp there are SVMs created and they have iSCSI target names and IPs which i can input into the UCS template.  Then from there they use the IQNs configured in the UCS profile (based on updating template) to reach the LUN in the SVM.  This system works great.

However we are migrating to Nimble.  Does anybody know if Nimbles have a similar setup for the SVM iSCSI target names and IPs, that I can place into the UCS templates or does Nimble only require the IQN and the IP which would be placed on the service profile not the template?
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With NetApp we'd create an iSCSI SVM for a specific environment which would give us a target name/IP.  Then within that we'd create a specific boot volume and within that we'd have LUNs for each system.  The LUN would hold the IQN information.  Nimble seems to create things strictly by Volumes which have IQNs.
From what I understand a SVM is in effect a virtualised controller and storage, Nimble does not have this functionality.
After working with Nimble support, i'm told that version 5.1 has the ability to change it from volume scope to group scope and it's this change that enables UCS Templates to be used.  This change is very intrusive as it takes the existing volumes offline to convert them so be sure you research this when Nimble is first rolled out in your environment.

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