Need to save a copy of Google Sheet without deleting all the data in original

Mark O'Brien
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Hi Techs.  I am in a new role and am using Google Sheets.  I needed to make a template for my daily report. So I made a copy of the the sheet with its' tabs, deleted the data, saved that as my Template, and the original data was completely blown away.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

* I was able to get the entire deleted sheet back by using File > "Version History" > and then saving the last version I worked on.

Thank you,
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I understand what you mean by template, but I don't think it exists in sheets. I found this and it shows different content in my personal account vs business account.  It talks about templates but they are public.

I think File->Make a Copy may be the way to go.
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Now it's saving as copy of copy of copy of...
There's got to be a way to do this right.
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It takes a bit of getting used to, but if what Scott Fell suggested is probably the optimal way of creating a copy of a file "from a template" with Google Sheets.

In the situation you outline in your question where you are viewing a document and want to make a copy of it for yourself, I would open the file then use File -> Make a Copy. The situation where you're running into where its making a copy of a copy can be addressed by naming each document as you copy it.

make-a-copy.PNGThis is the pop up that appears when you select Make a Copy. Just be aware and rename the document (and change the folder if necessary) each time you make a copy.

Its an extra step or two, but its the way Google Sheets functions.

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