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One VLAN two IP ranges, how is this possible?

Hi All,

We have two firewall devices with their own sperate internal ip ranges say subnet and subnet Both are set to act as dhcp servers. Both internally are connected to the same VLAN. I am assuming these work as the company that manages them have not reported there are problems and they have been in place this way for a good few years.  

If I plug my laptop into a switch port untagged on this vlan I receive an ip address from the first device. I cannot see the other device. If I statically assign a free IP on the other range (device 2) I cannot ping this device (the gateway) or basically do anything.

How is this possible? I am clearly missing something, but I was under the impression that each VLAN only has one IP range and not two.

Sorry if this is a simply answer but I really cant get my head around this.

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