OK to leave SSH enabled on iDRAC

Randy Redekopp
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I have enabled iDRAC 8 Basic on my Dell T330 server.  The default settings have SSH enabled.   Normally I do not leave SSH access enabled for any devices on the network (e.g. ESXi).   There isn't remote access to the network but wondering if I should still disable or if this case doesn't matter.   Thoughts?
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If any machine on the LAN becomes infected, one of the things it will download is a port scanner.  After banging on every port on every IP address in the network, it will send the results back to the alien base.  The aliens will then look at the report and say, "Send down an SSH breakin tool, a Bitcoin miner, a file encryptor and a #7a posterior inspection tool."

It is imprudent to leave any command port unsecured.
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Thanks.  I figured that should be the answer in every case.  :)
nociSoftware Engineer
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Open port != unsecured port...

Be sure all SSH acces (AND ALL HTTP/HTTPS for webmanaged systems)  are secured.   The same for sudo etc. etc.
SSH at least gives you a chance to do that.    Telnet f.e. does not encrypt data in transit., FTP does not encrypt data in transit by default.

So ensure to use public/private key authorizations etc. 2 factor authentication should also not be optional to gain access to management interfaces of anything.

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