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Fn  key on x230 thinkpad not working : alternate keys needed

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
my x230 Thinkpad's  Fn (ie Function) key appears not working:
I've tried pressing Fn- F8/F9 & other keys but not getting response
so reckon it's the Fn key.

What other key combination can I press to get equivalent of Fn ?
Mostly to increase/decrease Brightness but I can't locate any bar
to adjust brightness in my Control Panel's  "Adjust Brightness"
in Windows 7

As this is a very old laptop, I don't plan to get it repaired.
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For adjusting brightness

Pressing the Windows key + X on Windows 7. Change the “Display brightness” slider in the window that appears

Open Control Panel. Open the Control Panel, select “Hardware and Sound,” and select “Power Options.” You’ll see a “Screen brightness” slider at the bottom of the Power Plans window.

is Function Escape working? (if escape button got FuLk

1. Check the Device Manager - Firmware - update the system and device firmware
2. Try remove energy manager program in Control panel - Add remove programs.
3. Try this fix as well?

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Fn + Esc usually toggles Fn on/off on Lenovo laptops (unless of course your Fn key is physically damaged!)
Easy to do accidentally when going for Fn+F1


Fn+Esc doesn't toggle  Fn  on/off on my x230  while
Win+X  key does bring up the various adjustment menus.

After rebooting, the Fn key works again, odd.
Thanks very much guys.