How to determine when an eBay item was posted

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How do we know when is an item posted esp for item above?
  Encountered a few cases where item has been sold (not avail
  anymore) but posting in eBay is still there
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& I was scammed several times before for a few iPad Mini
which later eBay informed the seller's accounts were
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You can't tell, there's no external verification of eBay other than the seller clicking Item Dispatched (that doesn't mean it's happened).
If they are using a tracked delivery service (which should be in their interest with high value items) they should share the tracking code with the buyer but that only tracks a package there's no warranty about what that contains.
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Kind of immaterial now as the sale has ended. It may be relisted later on.. I usually look for sellers that have a high reputation.
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"Posted" has various meanings worldwide.  Do you mean:

a) When the item was first listed, or

b) When the item was shipped?

(a) is on the auction listing.  (b) is not publicly available except to the seller and the buyer, and even then (as noted above) it means nothing except that the seller clicked the button to mark it shipped.

Masq is correct.  If the item is of any significant value, don't deal with anyone outside your country, don't deal with anyone who has a *seller* feedback rating of less than 100, don't deal with anyone who does "private" listings, don't deal with anyone who has a seller feedback of less than 97%, and pay only through Paypal.


Ok noted;  it's in my country & I've booked it but to pay upon viewing the item;
just that the offer is too good to be true
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>>  just that the offer is too good to be true   <<  usually then it is no good….
just that the offer is too good to be true

From EBay? Nooooooo

"Some" items are from owners, but most tech items are either stolen or fake

A Ebay seller locally (Pawn shop) was just busted for dealing in stolen merchandise.

They'd pay drug users pennies on the dollar for items they knew were stolen, just to fence it on EBay

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