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Help on Whatapps cannot answer in Apple Watch

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2019-12-14
I have a Apple Watch series 5 and I cannot answer my whatapps messages. I do get the header or person who text me in what apps but can’t see the contents nor answer it.  Yet, I can see the contents and answer text message that I receive regularly thru the phone text message apps (iMessage)
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IT Consultant
To read and reply to a whatsapp message, within Whatsapp setting, the SHOW PREVIEW has to be ON. Only then the whatsapp notification that appears on your watch will show the received message plus the option to reply to that message. If it is not toggled ON within Whatsapp setting, you will only get a message received notification on your watch with just the option to dismiss the notification.


Thank u! U r correct!

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