Microsoft OneDrive vs Carbonite

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When you buy office 365 subscription, it comes with 1TB OneDrive. I also have Carbonite online backup where I pick and choose which folders I want to back up. It seems to me that I can cancel Carbonite subscription and just synchronize folders using One Drive.
Is there a problem with idea?
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IT Consultant
Yes, You can use one drive and sync your data on your computer, mobile or both devices.
No need to have Carbonite online backup subscriptions.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
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They fulfill 2 different requirements. If you only need current files, OneDrive is great. But if you need to go back in time (ie June 20 @ 5PM), Carbonite will do a much better job.
Alan CoxSr. Architect | Consulting

While they do different things OneDrive = backup/collaboration Carbonite= backup. OneDrive does do version history so change and retention is there with OneDrive. My only concern is WHAT all is being backed up. There are limitations in OneDrive:

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