When does group policy apply

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When does group policy applies

I  know that there are GPOs that apply when computer startup/shutdown. or user logon/logoff. usually they are policies that depends on Scripts.
what are other policy types that apply without startup/shutdown and logon/logoff ?

Thank you
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Policy is applied
1. when the computer starts and when the user logs on.
2. When a user turns on the computer, the system applies computer policy.
3. When a user logs on interactively, the system loads the user profile, then applies user policy.

4.Policy can be optionally reapplied on a periodic basis.
By default, policy is reapplied every 90 minutes. To set the interval at which policy will be reapplied, use the Group Policy Object Editor.

5. Policy can also be reapplied on demand.
To refresh the current policy settings immediately, applications can call the RefreshPolicy function;
administrators can call the Gpupdate.exe command-line utility.

When applying policy, the system queries the directory service for a list of GPOs to process. Each GPO is linked to an Active Directory container in which the computer or user belongs.

By default, the system processes the GPOs in the following order: local, site, domain, then organizational unit.
Therefore, the computer or user receives the policy settings of the last Active Directory container processed.


So in addition to policies that apply at  Computer Startup/Shutdown , User logon/logoff . There are other policies that apply  when the computer is already turned on , and the user has been already logged on ?


Thank you

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