Auto focus glasses : does it work & is it comfortable

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Referring to above link which lists various Auto Focus spectacles, does such glasses really work?
Is there such a technology out there for auto-focusing?  I'm not referring to those "progressive
lenses" where the "degree of the lense varies from top to bottom" & user/wearer moves his
eyeball to an angle to get a clear focus while reading.  Hoping this auto-focus glasses is more
comfortable & clearer for short  distance reading / computer viewing.

Hoping to get something that eases my reading of computer screen & books at 30cm - 60cm
away which I think my current progressive lense (that supports both short & long sightedness) is
not that good with short distance (& this short distance degree of my eyes change every 1-2 yrs.
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i don't believe a  noname product of 4 $ will better your sight
but you can contact your eye doctor for an opinion


a regular optician that I visits shared that some of her clients
bought & it works  just that if a user has astigmatism, then the
glasses won't help in this aspect
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The theory is sound and your optometrist is correct about astigmatism which is a special case where the retina isn't at a fixed, regular distance from the lens.  However if you've ever tried using autofocus with a digital camera you will quickly discover one of the practical drawbacks.  Deep Optics hold many of the patents for this design and for presbyopia where in simple terms you just need to deliver a magnified image to the retina they will do what's needed for close-up vision and the brain will still compensate out any minor focusing discrepancy once it's had a chance to learn how to interpret the image being delivered.  However for distance or bi-focal use the tech is still not quite there, I'd certainly not trust them currently if, for example, I needed both distance and close-up correction for driving - when looking at the dash (copes well) and then looking back at distant traffic (much less well for detail) - the adjustment (accommodation) is still something traditional lenses and our own body can do better.  That's right now though and there's no doubt as the tech improves we'll just need the one unit to fix our all-round vision.

The next issue will be do the cheap generic versions work as well as the branded ones and if not will the economies made have an impact on our safety (the driving example) or the health of our eyes (like currently wearing the wrong prescription lenses)?
Go ahead and try a pair for under $5 and free shipping. I may order one myself and try it.

In the fine print it does say: your eye automatically looks through the lens (really?) and finds the right spot where the correction is right for you......

That sounds like you will have to move your eyes to find the right magnification.
And why so many that look exactly the same but different prices, are they being sold by different sellers?
I currently use a pair I got at Dollar Tree for $1. I can clearly see my computer screen 24-30 inches away and the TV which is about 8 feet away. Why I can see both clearly not sure. I got +200. I've tried +175 and +225 and neither work for me. The +200 is for TV and computer
and for longer distances no glasses are needed.
Here is another type that is adjustable and I decided not to try them.
#3 and #5 where there are adjustable dials on each side. It sounded like I'd have to adjust them all depending on what I'm doing or trying to see.

If you live in USA go to Dollar Tree and try a pair for $1. There is a mirror at the display and find the one that lets you see at a distance for your computer screen & books.

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