x270 Hdmi output did not produce sounds on TV, only video

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Above link indicates HDMI outputs audio/sound as well but when I output it
from my x270 Thinkpad to TV, there's no sound on the TV (I've tuned up the
volume on TV & the laptop).  I'm playing youtube video.

What's missed?
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Btw, there's nothing wrong with the TV: the Set-Top
box could output both video+audio to the TV using the
very same HDMI port on the TV with the same cable
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
HDMI as an abstract channel can transmit both video and sound.

However, when used as a computer video output, the normal situation is video only.

Some video cards do have auxiliary HDMI audio hardware built in.  However, this is a device and driver which is separate from the everyday analog output, and in Windows the analog output is always the default device unless it has been manually changed.

To use HDMI audio output (when it is present) in combination with HDMI video either:

a) the HDMI audio device must be made the default, or
b) the program (e.g., Winamp) must select the HDMI audio device as output rather than accept the default device.

and confirm in the video device's manual that when HDMI audio is enabled, it is sent to the same HDMI output as the video.

HD audio


Seems like I don't have it: refer to attached screen.

I don't have admin rights to the laptop (as it's a company

In the next attached screen, I tried to go to "Playback Devices"
by following what given in youtube link below but my Win 10's
screens showed something different: I found a way to get to
"playback Devices".   Doesn't quite match to what the youtube
link below gave:
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Principal Software Engineer
That appears to be the situation.  The system has HDMI video output but no HDMI audio output.

Until a few years ago (and I haven't checked in some time) HDMI audio output was found only on add-in video adapters such as Radeon or Nvidia, and even in those usually in the higher end.  I'd be surprised to see HDMI audio in a laptop.


So it's my x270 Thinkpad hardware's limitation?

Does Macbook Pro 13" or 15" (2012 release) Thunderbolt
displayport when connected to an adapter (displayport to
HDMI) gives any audio output?


Reason is I'm thinking of getting a used Macbook Pro (2012 release)


Borrowed a Macbook Pro & a Thunderbolt to Hdmi
adapter: yes, it outputs both video+audio to the TV.


Just found an x240 that comes with Displayport &
with adapter, it outputs both video+audio to TV.

Hmm, why is the higher end  x270 that comes with
HDMI (no displayport) is more lacking in this aspect
than the x240?

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