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Lost pin for Windows 10

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I have a non domain laptop. The user can’t remember the pin to log in.  There’s no administrator password only one account.  Is there anything I can do?
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If you forgot your Windows 10 password, the easiest way to get back into your account is to reset the password for your Microsoft account.


But I think that's for the Microsoft account only, since that and the local computer account differ.


If that doesn't work, you can try the popular pogo stick https://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/

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Boot system into safe mode.
When setting up Windows 10, did the user setup a question/answer by which you might also be able to change the password.

Boot the system using a bootable external device.
Then you can substitute osk.exe with cmd.exe
Boot using safe mode, reset password, or add a new user and add it to the administrators group.
Then you can regain access.....
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In safe mode, the account "administrator" gets activated automatically and can be used without a password by default.


Thx I’ll try safe mode


Booted to safe mode but it only goes to the user. I can’t switch
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It seems, not always.at tines, it prompts to select the user, and recent attempts, administrator was not an option.

Using the recovery option outlined, then booting back into safe mode should allow you to change the password. Boot to revert files and then boot normally. All in all it takes above 15 minutes from start to end to regain access.