How do I configure a Sonicwall router (NSA 220W) to use a Netgear wireless router for WiFi instead of the built-in wireless?

Marc Chevalier
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Our network has a Sonicwall router NSA 220W connected to Cisco unmanaged switches but the wireless signal is horrible. How would I configure the NSA 220W to use another wireless router to provide the WiFi for the office. I have a netgear wifi router that used to give us a strong WiFi signal for this. Thanks for the help.
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Unless you're using the built in WLAN zone, there is nothing special you have to do. If you are using the WLAN zone, then you have to go into its settings and turn off the portion the will only allow Sonicpoints.

Oh yes, configure the Netgear as an AP.
When you configure the Netgear WiFi router, you'll need to do the following:

Set the LAN address of the Netgear to be on the same subnet as the rest of your LAN
Connect one of the LAN ports (NOT the WAN or Internet port) to your switch.  I usually put a piece of black tape over the WAN/Internet port to prevent its future use.
Disable DHCP on the Netgear
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Thank you for providing a working solution. in the end, the Netgear router I was trying to use was defective and had to purchase a new one. CompProbSolv, you gave me the solution I was looking for. Thank you.

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