Server 2012 keeps rebooting after installing 1 of 4 updates, is there any way to stop this?

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I have a server running Server 2012.  I rebooted because it said there were updates.   Now it keeps loading 1 of 4 updates and it reboots and restarts doing one of 4 updates.   Is there any way to stop this?  Does this mean I need to re-install Server 2012?   I have an old image backup.  But I think includes the E:(Data) drive.   Any ideas?
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Try booting into safe mode

As the server reboots press F8 every second or so and you should get a boot option screen

Select Safe Mode

It should load and finish the updates. When fully loaded reboot and you should be okay

I'm curious, what Antivirus are you running on the server


I believe it is Avast business cloudcare.   I thought F8 went away with 2012.   I thought I would need an installation disk to try to get it to Safe Mode?
I thought F8 went away with 2012.

No, it's still there, I had to use it for the same reason a few days ago

Avast business cloudcare



Thanks kenfcamp for making this much simpler than I thought it was going to be!    It worked perfectly.   Now I need to make another server a backup server for future issues!
I'm glad you got the matter resolved.

Just a note, including the issue I had You're the 5th person I know of experiencing this issue who is also running Avast

I know there's a issue with Avast with Windows 7 in which the mail scanner turns off, and a issue with Windows 10 in which Microsoft is blocking certain updates until the matter is resolved.

I have an email out to Avast, but I'm wondering if Server 2012 is now having issues with it.

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