How to run full anti-virus scan in my linux laptop?

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I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64-bit) laptop.  Was it shipped with anti-virus software?  If not, what anti-virus do I need to install?

How to run full anti-virus scan?
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You can install clamav and run a scan.  As with Most AV, it will scan your system for Windows viruses to keep your system from infecting Windoms systems.  You probably need to check for rootkits with something like chkrootkit.

There's also free Sophos, F-PRot, and Rootkit Hunter.
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Look at clamav
sudo apt-get install clamav
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There are also third-party tools that can be added (to include support for the likes of MTA, POP3, Web & FTP, Filesys, MUA, Bindings, and more). Scroll all the way to bottom section.

For e.g. under "Misc." if you’re running a Debian-based desktop, you can install ClamTK (the GUI) with the command:  sudo apt install clamtk

Upon installation, the first thing you’ll want to do is update the signatures with the command sudo freshclam. Once that completes, you can scan a directory with the command:    clamscan -r -i DIRECTORY

where DIRECTORY is the location to scan.

The -r option means to recursively scan and the -i options means to only print out infected files. If you work with the GUI, it’s even easier. From the GUI you can run a scan and, should ClamAV find anything, you can then act on it.

However, there is caveat to ClamAV is that it does not include real-time scanning. In fact, if you’re not using the ClamTK GUI, then to create a scheduled scan, you must make use of crontab. With the ClamTK GUI, you can only set up a schedule for your user home directory.

Alternative is Sophos AV which does on-access and on-demand scans for viruses, trojans, and malware.

Sophos is running and protecting your machine in real time. There is no GUI for Sophos, so you’re restricted to the command line. You can check to see if Sophos is running with the command:



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