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Printing from Apple mobile devices to a network printer

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I have a Lexmark e460dn laser printer on my home network plugged into a network switch, which is plugged into my wireless router. It is visible wirelessly to my MacBook Air 11" over the wifi part of the network (the MacBook has no Ethernet connection) and I can print to it without problems. However, I want to be able to print to it from my other Apple mobile devices (iPads & iPhones of various ages and various iOS versions). How would I go about adding it to them?
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By default iOS devices only support printing to printers using a protocol called AirPrint and your one does not appear to have that.

You may be able to
1. Use Lexmarks own app - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lexmark-mobile-print/id469415392
2. If you’ve a Mac you can install HandyPrint which allows the computer to act as a relay if the Lexmark is plugged into it directly and shared by the Mac on the network. - http://www.netputing.com/handyprint.
There is a Windows PC application called Presto which does the same on as HandyPrint https://www.collobos.com
AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.

You need to use apple Airprint, which it seems your printer doesn't support.

Network Protocol Support      
TCP/IP IPv6, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP IPv4, LexLink (DLC), AppleTalk™, TCP, UDP

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I looked at the Lexmark app and it didn't list the printer. However on installing it, the app did enable me to enter the printers IP address which I have been able to test and yes it does print.
OK .. glad that you got a solution