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Unable to Bind VMKernal to iSCSi adapter

compdigit44 used Ask the Experts™
Are ESXi 6.5 hosts are setup as follows: 1x fiber card with 2 ports. All guest and NFS storage traffic goes over these to interfaces. I need to setup a new VMkernal adapter for iSCSI traffic. I have already created the software iscsi adapter and vmkernal port group. When I try and bind the vmk to the adapter, it does not list any available vmkernel interfaces

The only way I was able to get this to work on to remove a pNIC from the current vswitch0 and setup the vmk on a new switch with only 1 pNIC
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Also remember that iSCSI is a 1 to 1 relationship, so therefore the iSCSI VMKernel Portgroup needs to be bound to a single physical interface.

(if the interfaces are missing to bind to, this could be because VMKernel Portgroup is currently detecting two nics, change in teaming!)

So check that you use Switch Override, and select a nic as unused, not Active or Standby.

and repeat for he other paths as required.

I think we are going to need a screenshot, unless teaming profiles are in use ?

is this VSS or VDS ?

If it does not list them, that's because the physical nics, are in a configuration which is not supported for binding (obviously that's why they are not listed).


I did make progress creating a new vswitch & vmk. When I put in the target IP I am not seeing my Lun though.

This is progress.
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That's because the default VMKernel is to use ALL NICs on the vSwitch, because you've not use Override Switch Failover for iSCSI VMKernel Portgroups.

Now you don't have failover or teaming on vSwitch0, and have a single point of failure!

You need to debug and troubleshoot using vmkping, to ping the destination IP Address of SAN to check communications.